Pixie plays Megan in Inspector George Gently

1 February

Pixie is making her TV acting debut this week as she stars in the BBC crime drama Inspector George Gently.

In the episode the body of a girl washed up by a pier leads Gently and Bacchus to investigate the staff and holidaymakers at a family holiday camp. Whilst investigating the death, Gently and Bacchus uncover a story of fame-seeking, sex and the dark underbelly of the permissive society

Pixie stars as Megan Webb, a blue coat at the Bluebird Holiday Camp.  She has left her strict family to pursue to pursue her singing and dancing ambitions. However after meeting new friends she becomes involved in something dark which leads to an unfortunate event.

The role is Pixie’s television drama debut.

‘It has been really fun.’ Says Pixie, ‘I’ve learnt so much about how it all works, and a lot from the other actors and actresses in the cast. I had no idea how much detail goes into everything. Hopefully I will take everything I have learnt here into my next job.’

To find out what happens to Pixie’s character tune in to Inspector George Gently 13th February at 8.30pm on BBC 1.

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