Nasty’s out now cats!!

9 March

It’s heeeereee!! Nasty’s now out cats and you can finally get your paws on it!

You can now download the single on iTunes.

For more Nastiness download the EP for bonus tracks, including brand new Pixie at the Pool cover (Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher, plus Pixie’s take on Bruno Mars’ When You Were My Man and Avicii’s Wake Me Up. Get it on iTunes, here:

It’s time to get Nasty!

Order the Nasty CD bundle-pack for ALL of these exclusive bonus tracks not available on the Nasty EP!

Nasty, Nasty Live At The Pool, Nasty with The Vamps, Nasty Mike Mago Remix, The Point Of No Return, Cry Me Out Live (Live AtThe Pool), When You Were My Man (Live At The Pool), Royals (Live At The Pool and Higher And Higher *and breathe*

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